Garza County
Health District

Established 1969

The Garza County Health District exists to make finding and accessing Health Care in Post and other areas in Garza County easier and more efficient. Garza County is a rural county located along U.S. Highway 380, U.S. Highway 84, State Highway 207, and Farm to Market Road 669. Cities in Garza County include Post and Justiceburg, but the county also encompasses many rural communities including Southland along these major roadways. Health care is harder to access in rural communities; this is why the Garza County Health District exists. Our mission is to assist in making healthcare services available to the citizens of Garza County in the most effective and efficient manner.

Contact Us

The Health District office is located in the Garza County Health Clinic at 1104 North Avenue S, Post Texas. The District hours are Monday through Thursday 8-5 and Friday 8-12. You can call us at 806-495-2828. The District office consists of one employee. The Administrator is responsible for management of the District. The Administrator provides liaison among the board and those providing health care services, prepares a budget, sees to the building and grounds are kept in good state of repair, supervises all business affairs, and works with those providing healthcare services and secures like cooperation with all those concerned with rendering professional service to the end that the patient may receive the best possible care. The Administrator is also the contact to provide services for the County Indigent program as well as the Pharmacy Assistance Program.